High <3 HI <3 High <3

My new single ‘High’ will be released on 6th October. 

Hear it for the first time over on The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/aug/20/the-playlist-pop-femme-taylor-swift-and-charli-xcx

A video I made with Crewdson for our Eckoclick EP. Out September 8th on Sonic Router records.

US tour supporting Charli XCX this September + October. Tickets here: http://www.charlixcxmusic.com/events/

One night in Oslo.

FEMME + Fumbalinas collaboration.

Order your Bullet Girl gang jacket here: http://www.fumbalinas.co.uk/untitled-gallery

A bit like the Pink Ladies but better.

Killer cover. Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/thisisfemme/1990s-killer

Me. Photo by Jeannie Wittmeyer. Styled by Fannie Schiavoni.

Wearing Gogo Philip and Young Blood Apparel. 

My interview in Spain’s OCIMAG. On shelves now. 

Photo from The Camden Crawl 2014. Wearing Young Blood apparel. 

It was an amazing show playing to a full house. One of my favourites. 


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